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1. Stay Concise

People don’t stare at screens long. People are walking while look at their phones or reading content on the train or subway. It’s not a convenient time to hold someone’s attention for long. Keep it brief. We tried to keep this to three sentences.

2. Stay Visual

Mobile and the internet changes the way users read content. Scanning has replaced deep reading methods while users are on mobile devices and screens. Therefore, the best content is delivered visually in a way that’s easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing. A tool like can be great for adding relevant visualizations or charts to social media posts.

3. Stay Authentic 

Don’t write content that doesn’t apply to you. With so much information out there these days and so many ways to deliver it, people don’t want to be interrupted or see your messaging in places it does not belong. Marketing for a dentist or OBGYN’s office? Maybe it’s not the best for your message to be on Instagram or Facebook. Think about the spaces where it makes sense for you to be and own those channels. Don’t interject your marketing in places it cannot organically grow or thrive – otherwise,  it will work against you.

4. Stay Interesting

Saying something new and different is vital. While it’s important to read what other marketers are putting out, don’t forget to be disruptive. It’s all about dancing on a fine line between being creative and being contemporary. Be bold, and don’t forget that interesting and different content is attention-grabbing. Repackaged content that says the same thing as a competitor or partner or anyone else is nothing short of boring and trite.

5. Stay Relevant

Don’t be afraid to change up your content to apply to what’s going on in current events. Entering into an everyday conversation helps to humanize your company and remind people that behind the service and brand there are people. Just be cautious that on social media channels you are entering the conversations that are appropriate for your company. This is also helpful in distributing your content to secure inbound links through PR. Startup PR and content marketing may not be one and the same today — but they certainly work together in tandem.

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