Social Media Public Relations Services

When it comes to public relations, social media is no longer a minor player that can be easily ignored. In many instances, it is the primary channel used to connect with your customers. Social media can help you build brand awareness, share pivotal messages, elicit feedback from potential and current customers, and provide responsive, thoughtful customer service. Startups in particular should harness the power of social media and reap the results right away.

Tracking in real time what people say about your company — and about your competitors — can shift and enhance your company’s image and brand. Leveraging your social media reach in thoughtful, compelling ways can help your company stand out.

Fortunately, BMV can help you develop a startup marketing strategy using social media. Our team can focus on forging relationships with influencers to help organically drive your message and create relationships with the media to draw attention to your brand. Over the last ten years, we have helped cutting-edge companies build their brands and expand their reach. Our social media agency for startups can help your business get the attention it deserves.

A Proven Content Playbook

Multi-Channel Engagement

Social media offers a wealth of opportunities, which prompts even more decisions for companies. Which channels should your company use, and how, as you scale? As a digital marketing agency with deep domain expertise in social media, BMV can help you create multi-channel engagement with prospective customers across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok and nascent social media channels.

BMV has services that can fit with the size and resources of any sized marketing team — from strategizing social media editorial calendars, to amplifying engagement and managing social media handles day-to-day.

Compelling Content

Content is king in the world of social media, but creating that content takes more than choosing shareable memes, pithy quotes or entertaining videos. BMV produces social media content at scale to maximize engagement and drive brand awareness. From vertical videos to graphics and blog posts, we specialize in developing content that grabs viewers and keeps their attention. We’ll gladly work with you to produce content that will build your brand, whether we’re supplementing your efforts or managing your full campaign.

Constant Messaging

The immediacy of social media demands that savvy marketers post, respond and engage continually so your brand can remain part of the conversation. However, there’s a line between constant messaging and pushing your message too aggressively. As your dedicated social media agency, we’ll use the latest data to determine how often to post and what kind of messaging offers the greatest impact.

Measurement and Analysis

Another advantage of social media is that it can provide real-time metrics to measure the breadth and depth of brand affinity and purchase paths. Our unique social media services for startups include tracking your social media campaign as it unfolds, measuring its success and analyzing the data so that you understand its impact. We’ll reveal the story behind the numbers, using those metrics to modify and adapt your campaign for maximum results.

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