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BMV leverages its influencer marketing expertise to help startups and challenger brands in Boston, Los Angeles, and across the world grow. Using its BrandCirc platform, BMV analyzes and identifies the influencers across platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook who can maximize a growth brand’s reach and engagement. From there, it designs and manages branded and sponsored content to ensure performance and return for startup influencer marketing campaigns.

When apartment search and rent payment startup RadPad set out to engage potential users with new drone videos, BMV assisted in connecting the company with an ideal influencer – NBA rookie Rondae Hollis-Jefferson. Jefferson had previously been featured in stories across the country on his decision to rent and not buy a home on his rookie salary. Leveraging his voice as a subject matter expert, along with his engaged Instagram audience, RadPad successfully premiered its first drone video and drove downloads of its app. 

After setting its sights on the U.S. market, Meitu, the $2B Chinese unicorn, turned to BMV to assist with driving interest and downloads of its Airbrush selfie app and new glitter feature. BMV utilized its BrandCirc platform to identify relevant influencers in the beauty and glamour space, as well as those that were indulging in the latest glitter beauty trends! BMV managed the campaign and secured influencers such as The Gaybeards, Daniel ​Chinchilla, Julia Kelly and Feral Create to take part in it through the key holiday period.

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BMV concentrates on influencer marketing for startups. With BMV’s BrandCirc, we can quickly identify the influencers with the most significant potential to drive brand awareness, engagement, and action. However, we don’t limit ourselves to only one platform or network of influencers. BMV also works with third-party influencer marketing platforms with coverage across Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Twitch to ensure we can access the broadest selection of influencers.


BMV handles onboarding influencers with contracts and setting up payments. This simplifies getting influencer campaigns off the ground for startups by enabling a single payment to cover an influencer campaign utilizing up to 50 influencers. From getting influencers to sign W9’s as contractors to assuring agreement terms of influencer engagements and securing unlimited brand content rights to any influencer-created content, BMV handles each step of the process.


BMV handles end-to-end management of influencer campaigns from ideation of creative concepts to the day or week of activation. This includes day-to-day communication with influencers to ensure delivery and receipt of any branded goods, the quality of their branded content post, and strategic timing. With BMV serving as the influencer liaison for your startup brand, you’re freed up to oversee how the success of the campaign integrates with other digital marketing programs.


Utilizing in-app tracking tools, back-end analytics, and tracking links, BMV measures campaigns from beginning to end. Are campaign engagement rates over 3%? Is the campaign averaging lower than $0.26 CPE’s? BMV knows what to look for to ensure successful influencer marketing campaigns. This includes identifying opportunities to increase successful elements of ongoing influencer campaigns by amplifying well-performing posts with additional ad spend.

Goals of Startup Influencer Marketing

As an influencer marketing agency, BMV understands that you likely have numerous goals with an influencer campaign. Startups may want to expand their reach, whether that’s into existing markets or new ones, and increase their brand awareness among different audiences. A top desire for startups is often increasing the number of followers and the quality of a brand’s audience simultaneously.

Our team targets highly engaged followers who will interact with your brand and create even more momentum for your company with their built-in fans. BMV’s influencer marketing services can also assist you in reaching goals such as boosting website traffic and improving sales conversion rates. If you’re looking for a social media influencer agency to help you hit influencer goals such as these, choose BMV.

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