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From driving inbound leads, guiding buyers along the buyer’s journey, and creating a differentiated position in the market the power of startup content marketing is undeniable. Our award-winning agency offers a proven team of expert writers, data enthusiasts, and graphic designers to allow you to scale the production and distribution of high-quality content that yields tangible business results. For over a decade, we’ve leveraged our expertise to help startups and larger B2B brands across the globe tell their stories in a way that not only captivates but also converts.

Startup Content Marketing for Tomorrow’s Technology Leaders

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Reap the Benefits of Content Marketing at Scale

Over a decade ago, BMV was one of the first content marketing agencies to state its belief that every growth company should become a media company. Today, content marketing is used by growth and challenger brands to build awareness, wield influence, drive demand, and convert qualified leads.

Yet, creating an effective startup content marketing strategy can be time-consuming and ineffective when only tackling it as an internal marketing team. That’s when partnering with an experienced content marketing agency can prove invaluable. BMV specializes in startup content marketing for growth companies, and we can help your startup brand gain traction — regardless of your industry or size — to produce measurable results.

"It has always been a pleasure working with the team at BMV on Medallia's content marketing strategies and production. Our engagements were always very professional, collaborative and results driven. I would highly recommend working with BMV for anyone looking for a partner that helps you deliver on your goals."

Tim Duranleau, Senior VP of Commercial Marketing at Medallia$5B Experience Management Company

"BMV creates great branded content and distributes it for maximum awareness with minimal input from us. Very helpful while we grow our team and scale the VergeSense brand simultaneously."

Kanav Dhir, Senior Product Manager of YC-backed VergeSense

"The BMV team have been incredible partners to work with over the last year and a half! They are excellent writers who can learn your brand voice fast, can take technical information and explain it well to a general audience, and are beyond communicative, easy to work with, and speedy with deliverables and revisions. It's been a pleasure working with BMV and we recommend them to anyone looking to uplevel their PR and content strategy!"

Lindsay Kolinsky, Director of Marketing at Okendo

"I worked with BMV while at both Zingle and Medallia and would highly recommend both for anything involving content strategy, PR, market research, and storytelling. BMV helped us refine and elevate our story; then tell it through blogs, research reports, case studies and more; and then amplify it with press releases, media outreach, and social media. The team was quickly able to grasp our goals and story, and tailor strategies and thought leadership content that resonated with our audience and targeted media."

Eric Stoessel, VP of Communications & Content Strategy at Medallia

"The team at BMV is extremely agile, responsive and creative yet thorough and process-driven. They were instrumental in gaining media share at Morphisec but also went well beyond that, helping develop a content strategy that both drove media coverage and lead generation."

Shelley Leveson, Content Marketing Manager at Morphisec$50M-backed Cybersecurity Startup

A Proven Content Playbook

Strategic Messaging

Your brand’s narrative underpins the entirety of what you do, especially if you’re a startup or early stage company. Without a strong, differentiated company narrative and messaging you can’t create an effective content marketing strategy. BMV will help you elevate your brand’s story and make sure it is woven into every aspect of your presence, creating a unified message that truly connects with those you seek to engage.

Audience Targeting

Great content marketing should mirror the value your products or services offers. This begins with a deep, empathetic understanding of your buyers’, their needs and the challenges they face. BMV specializes in helping decode your audience, crafting buyer personas, and mapping content themes and storylines to them in a way will resonate most effectively.

Content Production

At BMV, we design content editorial calendars rich with informative blogs, compelling thought leadership pieces, data-driven reports, and more in order captivate a broader audience and keep them engaged with your brand. Whether we’re your primary content creators or supporting your existing team, our focus is on delivering content that drive results that matter the most to your brand.

Content Distribution

Distributing content across owned channels is crucial, but earned media pick-up and inbound links are the where often where the real magic happens for content marketing campaigns. BMV utilizes the storylines we create to make sure they resonate with the media outlets and influencers that matter to your buyer. Our content earns stories, builds awareness, improves SEO, and drives inbound leads for your brand.

As Cookies Crumble: Startups Need for Branded Content Increases

With Apple letting consumers opt out of iPhone tracking, startups are seeing their customer acquisition costs drastically increase. And it will only get harder to acquire customers and more expensive as Google eliminates cookies in 2024. As this type of performance marketing becomes less effective, brand marketing is increasingly important. Without the ability to effectively target prospective customers across third-party sites, attention must turn internally to produce more content and experiences that engage prospects and capture first-party data.

BMV has decades of experience helping startups and technology challenger brands develop content for demand generation and brand building. With a fully scaled startup content marketing program building familiarity with engaged customers and prospects, these companies have been able to conduct ongoing dialogue in an environment in which they control the data. Furthermore, this consistency of branded content engagement creates brand familiarity and builds customer trust, which helps startups stand out in a crowded startup landscape.

How BMV Produced One of 2022’s Most Impactful Reports for Wanclouds

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