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Startup PR Agency For High-Growth Companies

Startup PR is a powerful tool for high-growth companies. BMV has developed a public relations framework to serve the unique needs of technology startups and challenger brands in Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Boston, and across the globe, looking to drive customer growth and increase their valuation in the eyes of potential investors, partners, and future acquirers. A PR agency trusted by SaaS, AI, eCommerce, mobile, and cybersecurity startups backed by Y Combinator, First Round Capital, Spark, Initialized, and many other of the world’s top VC firms, the Beantown Media Ventures’ team has led PR programs for startups to scale growth and achieve successful exits. 

A Proven Approach to Technology PR for Startups

Strategic Messaging

Narrative development is a critical component of public relations for startups. The ability to deliver a compelling story can elevate you above a crowded number of new entrants and as a worthy challenger to much larger industry incumbents. To enhance PR for startups, BMV works directly with founding teams to create a strategic framework and key messages that will resonate with customers, employees, partners, the media, and investors.

Media Relations

When it comes to awareness, credibility, and distribution, earned media plays a critical role in successful PR for startups. The BMV team includes some of the best media and analyst relations strategists in the technology field. As media and digital public relations experts, they know what stories will resonate with reporters or influencers, which outlets and platforms will drive the most digital engagement across social media channels, and how to use content marketing to amplify efforts.

Thought Leadership

In addition to driving customer awareness and growth through public relations marketing programs, the BMV team is adept at creating thought leadership programs that position founders as the next visionaries within their respective fields. These programs elevate the standing of the executive leadership team while also increasing the company’s valuation in the eyes of potential investors and future acquirers.

Speaking & Awards

Speaking programs are a key aspect of thought leadership platforms and combine with award programs to build 3rd party validation for startups. As part of our public relations services, BMV works with event organizers and award judges across sectors to maximize the odds of securing inclusion for your startup. From creating abstracts to managing submissions, the BMV team handles each step as part of PR programs for startups.






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