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Startup PR Agency For High-Growth Companies

The best startup PR can benefit high-growth companies in numerous ways, and top investors believe it’s the most effective marketing tool for startups. BMV has developed a public relations framework to serve the unique needs of technology startups and challenger brands in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, and globally. BMV’s approach helps your startup drive customer growth and increase valuations in the eyes of potential investors, partners, and future acquirers. A PR agency trusted by SaaS, AI, eCommerce, mobile, and cybersecurity startups backed by Y Combinator, First Round Capital, Spark, Initialized, and many other of the world’s top VC firms, the BMV team is adept at providing strategic communications for startups aiming to scale growth and achieve successful exits. 

An Award-winning Approach to Startup PR

Strategic Messaging

Narrative development is a critical component of a startup’s PR strategy. Whether you are running an early stage startup or later stage company preparing for the public market, the ability to deliver a compelling story can elevate a startup’s brand above a crowded number of new entrants and as a worthy challenger to much larger industry incumbents. To enhance startup PR, BMV works directly with founders or in house PR teams to create a strategic framework and key messages that resonate with customers, employees, partners, the media, and investors.

Media Relations

When it comes to awareness, credibility, distribution, and driving inbound new business, media relations plays a critical role in successful startup PR programs. The BMV team includes some of the best media relations strategists in the technology field. As digital public relations experts, they know what stories will get media attention, the media outlets and platforms that will drive the most digital engagement across social media channels, and how to use content marketing to amplify efforts. Constantly looking to redefine digital PR, BMV also engages with the newest influencers, podcasters, and YouTubers to expand the media universe.

Thought Leadership

In addition to driving customer awareness and growth through startup PR programs, the BMV team is skilled at creating thought leadership programs that position founders as the next visionaries and industry experts within their respective fields. These programs elevate the standing of the executive leadership team while also increasing the company’s valuation in the eyes of potential investors and future acquirers. From ghostwritten contributed articles to scaling personal social media handles, the BMV team has a track record of building thought leadership platforms for tomorrow’s business leaders.

Speaking & Awards

Speaking programs can naturally expand thought leadership platforms and combine with award programs to build 3rd party validation for startups. As part of our public relations services, BMV works with event organizers and award judges across sectors to maximize the odds of securing inclusion for your startup. From creating abstracts to managing submissions, the BMV team handles each step as part of PR programs for startups. From booking appearances at TechCrunch events to targeting industry top 50 lists, BMV knows which speaking appearances and awards will drive traction.


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"BMV provided us with key PR and content services as we secured seed funding for our startup and prepared to enter the market. BMV was our perfect partner at this growth stage, as they also cost-effectively helped us with SEO and social media activities. The best part was that they spent time understanding our business and vision so they could be autonomous and fill the role of an in-house team, allowing us to invest in other critical launch activities."

Kanav Dhir, VP of Product at VergeSense$82M-backed AI-powered Sensors for the Future of Work

"After raising our Series A round we aimed to rapidly scale Open Listings awareness with prospective homebuyers both nationally and in key local markets. BMV was instrumental in driving mainstream media coverage with the likes of Fast Company, Refinery29, Cheddar and CNBC."

Judd Schoenholtz, CEO of Open ListingsYC-backed Startup Acquired By Opendoor

Senior Tech PR Strategists for Your Startup

Over the last five-ten years, the way journalists cover startups and technology companies has radically changed. Amid startup controversies, media layoffs, and an overall pullback in the technology market, it’s more challenging than ever before for communicators to secure positive media coverage for their startups. However, while it is harder to garner earned media, today’s business outcomes from press coverage may be greater than ever before.

The fallout of the fake news era has created an appetite among consumers and business leaders for trustworthy information from credible media outlets. As a byproduct, digital news articles are driving product awareness, and, ultimately, purchases, more effectively than new digital alternatives. BMV understands the unique challenge and opportunity for venture-backed startups looking to stand out in today’s 86,400-second news cycle. With decades of technology sector expertise, BMV’s tight-knit team of senior communications strategists has a proven track record of supporting hundreds of startups as they’ve scaled and achieved exits worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Decades of technology communications expertise

Deep media relationships with technology journalists

Data-driven PR campaigns

Supported growing 100’s of startups to exits totaling $500M+

Seamlessly integrates with a startup’s internal communications team and/or VC’s PR team

Startups Don’t Need a PR Agency

They Need a Hybrid Communications + Marketing Firm

Given the limitations of only relying on media relations today, paying for traditional PR firms or pay-per-piece PR agencies is wasted money for a startup. Instead, startups must combine communications and marketing teams to produce uniquely different pieces of content that can earn and increase backlinks, educate potential customers, engage and upsell current customers, and capture the attention of potential investors.

Founded on the belief that every growth startup should be a media company, BMV was built to support startup marketers and communications executives by scaling these programs in parallel. With BMV’s writing team comprising both demand gen marketers and former journalists, it is adept at producing award-winning branded content that it strategically weaves into communications and digital marketing channels.

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