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With a deep understanding of the startup and technology ecosystem in Boston, the innovation district, MIT/Cambridge and the surrounding areas, BMV leverages our expertise in PR and content marketing to help companies grow. Simply put, our digital agency ensures your startup story gets heard and engaged with all with an eye towards driving leads, accelerating growth and increasing valuations. Whether you’ve found product-market fit as a MassChallenge winner, or are scaling with a growth round from Spark, we understand the unique marketing needs of startups at each stage of their lifecycle.

BMV worked with Runkeeper’s executive team to build inroads with consumer and technology press, as well as deeper relationships with local and business media. In addition, it assisted Runkeeper with identifying influencers in the fitness and technology markets to engage with and better distribute the Rukeeper brand’s story. More consistent coverage and increased brand awareness supported the company as it scaled and was ultimately acquired by Asics for $85M.

BMV supported ByteLight after it found its product-market fit with a campaign that leveraged traditional, social and content marketing channels. The campaign generated more than 12 million media impressions for the company with features in The Economist, USA Today, FastCompany and WIRED. As a result, BMV Created 33% growth in inbound traffic and 75% growth in user acquisition, which eventually supported a successful exit via a sale to Acuity Brands (NYSE: AYI).







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Public Relations

PR is a powerful tool. When combined with our passion for creative storytelling and well-established media relationships in Boston, New York City, San Francisco and across the country, that power is exponentially increased. Our team knows what will get you the most visibility and social shares, and most importantly, how to get you there.

Content Marketing

Content is still king. Prove your value to customers with data-driven, engaging and well-written content. Our branded content team is adept at producing and distributing long-form thought leadership narratives, email newsletter copy, visual graphics and short-form videos, which build awareness, create inbound leads and increase loyalty.

Influencer Engagement

No matter who your target market is, the best way to earn credibility is through third-party validation from influencers. Using our BrandCirc platform, we’ll identify and engage the bloggers, social personalities and celebrities that are relevant to your startup so they can tell your story and turn their followers into your customers.

Social Media

Social media conversations are happening around the clock with or without your brand. With a steady stream of branded content fueling your social streams and pages, and BMV managing your paid social campaigns to amplify earned media, we make sure that you are part of these conversations, whenever and wherever they are taking place.

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