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Although Los Angeles is well-known as a hub for consumer tech, there’s no doubt that the area has developed a vastly growing B2B tech scene as well, and the startups driving innovation for businesses most certainly deserve attention. While traditional LA industries such as sports and entertainment remain attractive industries to build enabling technology for, startups in Los Angeles working on solutions for businesses in areas such as manufacturing, IT, pharmaceuticals, and law are now breaking through.

And while technology continues to rub shoulders with the ‘industry’ in town – take artificial intelligence, for example, and the role it played in the aforementioned SAG-AFTRA strike – it can often be hard to stand out among Hollywood stars. With that as a backdrop, today, our team at BMV LA is highlighting a few early-stage (seed and Series A) B2B startups that are driving LA’s unique brand of innovation forward across a variety of other industries outside of Hollywood.

Atomic Industries

Seed-stage Atomic Industries is a computational manufacturing company building an AI-powered tool and die maker. Atomic Industries specializes in the intersection between science and art. The company’s mission is to replicate high-skill trade knowledge of tool and die makers into AI that powers new manufacturing systems, which are orders of magnitude more productive. Recently, Atomic announced it raised $3.2 million from Point72 Ventures, 8VC, and Toyota Ventures to automate and evolve the existing workflows.

Bobsled Inc.

Bobsled is the fastest way to share data to any cloud or platform. The Series A startup, which recently closed a robust 17M funding round, provides a cross-cloud data-sharing platform that makes it painless to share data between any data lake or warehouse. Bobsled makes this possible by enabling product and data teams to share data products directly into a customer or partner’s preferred analytical environment without ever leaving their own. Moreover, users can track and manage every share from one interface. 


With ransomware attacks and other forms of cybersecurity on the rise, Galvanick emerged to help companies secure their industrial operations and minimize cyber risk. Their platform collects telemetry from across our clients’ industrial environments to analyze, correlate, and detect malicious behavior. Last year, the startup scored an impressive 10M in seed capital in order to build a modern industrial detection and response platform.


Companies all over are enhancing AI productivity with Kindo, the first platform that supports any AI model while being centralized, compliant, and secure. Users pay only once for AI access from anywhere in one interface. Kindo is capable of supporting commercial, open source, and private AI models as well as 200+ SaaS integrations and elevating workforce productivity while keeping everything centralized, secure, and compliant. Just last year, Kindo raised 7M in seed funding from Andrew Peterson and eight other investors.


LegalMation provides a suite of artificial intelligence tools to help litigation attorneys and legal professionals practice. Unlike existing template generators, form-fillers, and “dumb” tools, LegalMation’s ground-breaking generative AI system dynamically produces fully formatted responsive pleadings, discovery requests and responses, and other documents, all tailored to the claims, allegations, and requests in the legal document uploaded, incorporating jurisdictional requirements as well as the attorney’s style, and response strategy. The Series A startup recently locked in 15M in funding.


Amid escalating pharmaceutical supply chain regulations, manufacturers, distributors, and 3PLs face mounting costs and non-compliance risks threatening revenue. LighthouseAI, a Pharma Solutions company, leverages compliance automation to solve compliance challenges, while reducing their 100+ client’s stress and workload. The LighthouseAI product suite includes LighthouseAI Intelligence®, which uses artificial intelligence to automate compliance requirement research, and LighthouseAI Management®, which enables maintenance. Together, they protect revenue and reduce risk for customers while also saving pain, time, and money. This of course, attracted significant investor attention, leading to LighthouseAI generating 15M in funding.

Product Science

With automated AI-based code analysis, Product Science helps product teams detect performance issues before they are shipped to users. The startup’s AI-powered developer tool enables users to transform their entire development team into sophisticated performance engineers. Moreover, little to no development effort is required, and results are presented in a familiar, easy-to-use format. Product Science closed its last funding round in January 2023 from a Seed round and managed to secure 18M to develop software for testing mobile app performance.


Rypplzz (rip·uhlz) is the spatial engineering company behind Interlife™, an all-new world that entangles the digital and physical. Through Interlife™, the company’s mission is to advance humanity by spatially engineering the flow of the environment to create optimal efficiency. Interlife™ enables unique location-based experiences and transforms physical spaces into smart environments with precise geolocation and enhanced connectivity. The evolving use and omnipresence of connected devices and the increasing demand for experiential content, including mixed reality, is resulting in an exponentially increasing need for Interlife™ and its applications. Last month, Rypplzz raised $3 million in seed funding, led by sports technology investment firm KB Partners, with participation from Triptyq Capital. The funding round brings the company’s total capital raised to $6.8 million.


Telgorithm was established in 2021 by telecom veterans who, with 20+ years of collective experience, saw a massive need to set a new standard for automation, quality, and transparency in the cloud communication space. Telgorithm is the only SMS & MMS API to automate the entire journey of registration, onboarding, activation, and supporting long-term compliant messaging, helping businesses increase revenue while decreasing overhead costs. Telgorithm closed its last funding round on May 29, 2023, from a Seed round, raiding 3.8M in the process.


Terzo uses powerful AI technology to extract, analyze, and visualize your contract data. Terzo’s AI data extraction capabilities also reach beyond contracts and can solve any organization’s document problems, from invoices to POs and more. Terzo’s momentum cannot be understated—in 2022, the company received recognition from both Procuretech and CIO Bulletin as a notable company to watch, while also securing 16M in funding in the same year. 

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