LiquidPiston and its MIT grad CEO Alec Shkolnik have spent a decade-plus reinventing the rotary engine (gif) that Felix Wankel created in 1960. Building on over 15 years of R&D, the company provides a power solution that can scale to address the needs of the $400B internal combustion engine market and is a key enabler for emerging mobility technologies including electric cars, urban aircraft, and drones.

Campaign: The Boston area company, which has raised $18M to date, turned to BMV in 2018 to recapture media interest and drive inbound leads from UAV manufacturers and operators as it aggressively moved into positioning its engine as a propulsion solution for the drone market.  BMV developed unique branded content assets for LiquidPiston — such as drone videos — to fuel a media relations and social media campaign over six-months.


  • BMV first leveraged basic event and drone industry appearances for LiquidPiston to create a groundswell of UAV momentum ahead of a scheduled announcement with the Department of the Defense, which continues to grant development money towards the company’s technology.
  • This trade coverage, included features with SAE, Commercial UVA News and the Drone Radio Show.
  • BMV then leveraged the latest funding from the Department of Defense as a catalyst to drive 12 stories including features with Military Times, Aviation Week, We Talk UAV News, Jane’s 360 and Next BigFuture.
  • The earned stories where LiquidPiston has been mentioned and featured have at least 215,000 unique views/reads, and social media promotion led to more than 2,600 social shares of these articles and podcasts.
  • Inbound links to have been secured within trusted media sources, and there is an average domain authority of over 50 across the 16 media outlets that have covered LiquidPiston.
  • Furthermore, the coverage and campaign drove inbound interest from major Aerospace industry companies, which LiquidPiston is currently working with on development agreement MOU’s.