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Okendo, the $31M backed customer marketing platform providing review and in-moment surveys to ecommerce brands, was searching for a content marketing firm to help it scale its efforts. It partnered with BMV as its content marketing agency of record to increase the cadence of both top and bottom-of-the-funnel content.

Campaign: Retailers grappling with Apple allowing iOS users to opt out of tracking and Google sunsetting third-party cookies are seeing Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) skyrocket. This industry disruption and privacy headwinds made Okendo’s solutions incredibly prescient for retailers looking to collect first and zero-party data as a new market strategy. Therefore, BMV’s campaign set out to illustrate this across blog posts, case studies, reports, surveys, and whitepapers.


Content production included writing and editing the seminal “Building the Ultimate Shopify Customer Experience,” which provided 65 pages of insight for brands selling on Shopify. Other examples of produced content include: