With the Inflation Reduction Act and California’s net metering changes having profound –  but vastly different – impacts on the use of solar energy over the last six months, EnergySage, the Kayak-like renewable energy marketplace used by 1 out of every 5 Americans shopping for home solar, turned to BMV for support around these policy decisions. 

Campaign: BMV conducted media relations around the Inflation Reduction Act and EnergySage’s survey on consumers’ awareness/interest in the tax credits. It also led California outreach in advance and around the final decision made on NEM 3.0. 

Results: BMV’s targeted PR efforts and strategic media strategy resulted in coverage within nearly a dozen local California publications around the NEM 3.0 decision to highlight that the policy change could have vastly negative impacts on consumer solar savings and the payback period. The media relations campaign also facilitated introductions and briefings with national publications such as The Hill and the Washington Post,which led to brand mentions within these outlets.

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