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Last week, we took a look at what experts predicted for 2014’s social media trends, and whether they ended up being correct or not. Now it’s time to take a look at what experts are foreseeing for the fast-approaching 2015. We scoured the web and came up with a condensed list of media and technology predictions from some of the top insiders in media and tech. Here’s what made the list:

Mobile Payments Will Meet Social Media – John Collison, co-founder of Stripe

With a $3.5 billion startup for mobile payments under his belt, it’s safe to say that John Collison knows a few things about staying ahead of the competition. He recently sat down with Business Insider to discuss his predictions for 2015, and not unexpectedly he tapped mobile payments as the next big thing to blow up. His twist? Social media will be the next big mobile marketplace. Existing networks like Facebook are already testing “buy” buttons that could blur the line between social and e-commerce. Collison sees this as the beginning of retail (and payment) companies seeking out consumers where they already are: social networks and existing apps.

The Death of Organic Social Media Reach – Lee Odden CEO of Top Rank Online Marketing

Back in November, entrepreneur, author, and marketing expert Lee Odden predicted that 2015 would see paid amplification put the final nail in the coffin of organic social media reach. Social media has increasingly become a pay to play game, particularly when social feed algorithms add filters that hinder brands from scaling eyeballs. 2015 will continue this shift from earned to owned content on a large scale. How will this affect startups? Organic social media outreach is a huge growth method for startups, and with prioritized pay pushing unpaid content from social feeds, startups will have to consider budgeting in some paid content and majorly stepping up their visual and storytelling skills with their unpaid media. We know mobile startups are already doing this to drive user acquisition and downloads.

Content Diversification and Targeted Content – Shafqat Islam, co-founder of NewsCred

As a co-founder of one of the world’s leading content marketing platforms, there isn’t anyone better fit perhaps, to predict the future of content marketing than Shafqat Islam. In his annual list for Mashable, his predictions included a few points that will be of particular interest to startups in the upcoming year. The biggest trend for content marketers is diversification. They need to accept that millennials aren’t a big homogenous group and shift creation to more targeted content to appeal to a diverse range of interests and demographics. Startups can take this advice by focusing on their respective niches with a renewed intensity, rather than attempting to gain broad traction in massive and largely inaccessible markets.

Increased Social Channel Connectivity – Bryan Kramer, CEO of Pure Matter

What does this TED speaker predict for the future of marketing? Transmedia storytelling, which reaches across multiple social media networks, will rule social. It’s no longer enough to produce content that stands alone for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. – your content should tell a brand story across all your social channels that connects and unifies your brand’s digital presence if you want to keep followers engaged in 2015.

The Best Accessory Will Be Interconnected Wearable Tech – Fred Wilson, Venture Capitalist and co-founder of Union Square Ventures

 One of the most influential VCs in the world, Fred Wilson has a few major predictions for 2015, starting with wearable tech. While many tech insiders are hailing 2015 as the year of wearable tech, Wilson foresees this expanding past standalone wearable devices and manifesting instead in the rise of “personal mesh” – a personal Internet of Things in which all your devices – wearables, smartphone, tablet, smart thermostat – are all capable of communicating amongst themselves.

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