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Anvyl, a $31M-backed intelligent purchase order (PO) platform for scaling retailers to centralize and automate their supply chain’s first mile, engaged BMV as its PR and content marketing agency in January 2023. 

Amidst worsening global supply chain problems such as materials shortages, shipping delays, and rising costs, Anvyl sought to position itself as a leading solution provider for consumer brands to gain greater visibility into their supply chain, streamline their PO process, and strengthen supplier relationships. 

Campaign: BMV built a robust, data-driven PR and content marketing strategy to boost awareness for Anvyl, assist in driving leads, and increase the company’s value in the eyes of potential customers and partners.


  • Results for the first six months of the engagement are far-reaching and include byline placement and coverage in influential trade publications and an overhaul of the company’s blog section, which included the generation of educational, SEO-optimized owned content.
  • BMV’s first commissioned data report helped Anvyl secure visibility across key industry verticals, including Supply & Demand Chain Executive, SupplyChainBrain, WorldPorts, and Industry Today. It also inspired a byline from the company’s CEO, Rodney Manzo, which BMV successfully placed as SDC Executive.
  • Furthermore, its owned content strategy, including blogs and customer case studies crafted by BMV, has helped Anvyl optimize SEO and build a catalog of informational supply chain resources.