Wanclouds, a multi-cloud SaaS and managed service provider, approached BMV for support before launching its new Multi-Cloud Cost Optimization as a Service solution. BMV strategized with Wanclouds on how to capitalize on the growing cost headwinds that cloud executives were flying into to market the new SaaS offering effectively. BMV decided to use a seminal piece of content marketing in the form of a survey/report to fuel the launch of the new product and assist with driving awareness of Wanclouds within the cloud computing industry. 

Campaign: BMV supported the question ideation, survey production, commissioning, survey analysis, publishing, and promotion of Wanclouds 2022 Cloud Cost and Optimization Outlook. The BMV team also strategized how to time the report publication to supplement the launch of Wanclouds Multi-Cloud Cost Optimization as a Service to increase product demand and lead generation. 


  • The report quickly became the talk of the cloud industry as market influencers utilized its data to cite the oncoming cost crunch coming to cloud services such as AWS. It was downloaded hundreds of times, and as a result, numerous leads were captured expressing interest in Wanclouds Multi-Cloud Cost Optimization as a Service.
  • To assist in distributing the report, BMV earned and secured coverage, plus backlinks, with outlets including Forbes, VentureBeat, InfoWorld, and Tech HQ.
  • Wanclouds report was named by VentureBeat as one of its five reports of the year for 2022.

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