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We recently had the chance to sit down and chat with Chase Garbarino (@cgarb), Co-founder and CEO of VentureApp, and the former founder of Streetwise Media / BostInno

Naturally, with both of us founding companies/entities with ‘Boston’ in their headlines, we talked a lot about the Boston startup scene and Chase’s experience in it. Do Boston startups need more PR and attention nationally? We also take a look at that.

Our wide-ranging conversation hits on where he got his start as a founder, how he grew Streetwise/BostInno, what he’s up to with VentureApp and his views on the current Boston startup scene.

Specifically, we hit on:

  • How his entrepreneur journey started Christmas Day 2005 and what his first founder experience with CampusWord was like.
  • How he learned to scale with Streetwise and the flagship local publication – BostInno in 2008.
  • His strategy with local news and how it differed from AOL Patch and the similarities with Buzzfeed’s tactics.
  • If his job changed when Streetwise was acquired by American City Business Journals in 2012.
  • What happened to the BostInno Beat weekly videos, and why we’re not seeing him take shots at Scott Kirsner and Justin Bieber anymore.
  • How he got started on VentureApp with Boris and Jared from DailyBreak
  • Why he sees VentureApp as an expansion/evolution of his efforts with BostInno and Streetwise to create a better network/platform for startup communities.
  • The current funding situation for early-stage startups in Boston and across the country.
  • The worst live guest on BostInno Beat.
  • The Consumer startup in Boston he’s most excited about right now.
  • The B2B startup that isn’t VentureApp he’s most excited about right now.
  • If he’s team DraftKings or FanDuel, and team Andreessen or Sacca.


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