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Build Your Fintech Startup’s Brand with PR & Digital Marketing

Fintech is not only disrupting Wall Street and Main Street; its backbone is the foundation for the next generation of the Internet — Web3. However, with all the noise around Web3, the next generation of fintech leaders need to differentiate themselves from the crowd with clear narratives. The team at Beantown Media Ventures (BMV), a leading PR and digital marketing agency for fintech startups, is adept at crafting the storylines for tomorrow’s market disruptors. BMV has deep domain expertise and senior team members that have brought new financial technology to market for companies that range from Fidelity to Litecoin. Trusted by startups backed by Y Combinator, First Round Capital, Spark, Initialized, and many other of the world’s top VC firms, BMV’s integrated PR, content marketing, and social media programs drive awareness, accelerate growth, and increase valuations for fintech startups.

The BMV Offering for Fintech Startups

Public Relations

We’re passionate about storytelling, and that makes us a great choice for a fintech PR agency. BMV leverages relationships we’ve established with key financial media players over the last decade to deliver well-crafted narratives about your company to make it stand out around the latest financial industry trends from ESG to Crypto. Our financial technology PR experts know what it takes to put your brand in front of the largest and most engaged audiences possible.

Content Marketing

As a fintech content marketing agency, we help financial companies produce content that targets prospects throughout the purchase cycle. We create data-driven, engaging, and expertly crafted content that includes thought leadership narratives, whitepapers, surveys, blog posts, eBooks, newsletter copy, infographics, and short-form videos. All with an eye on meeting financial regulatory guidelines. With BMV’s help, fintech startups can build brand awareness through earned media, improve SEO and generate new leads.

Creator Engagement

Our BrandCirc platform helps fintech startups find and engage with creators who can help them gain credibility in the marketplace. From bloggers to social influencers and the next generation of creators, we can connect financial companies to the people who are most relevant to their products and customer base, so their stories will have the greatest resonance.

Social Media

Today’s social media landscape gives fintech companies the opportunity to be front-and-center with their target audience 24/7. We have the experience to help you take full advantage of that, with a steady stream of engaging branded content that meets regulatory guidelines. BMV makes sure company streams and pages are filled with relevant campaigns that amplify brand presence.

PR & Digital Marketing for Tomorrow’s Fintech Leaders

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