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On the latest SeedStories Podcast we caught up with Jake Chapman, who manages Gelt Venture Capital, a seed stage investor.

I caught up with him last week upon his return from SXSW and we discussed what piqued his interest at the show along with the general trends in technology this year to date.

Jake is one of the more outspoken investors I follow on Twitter (@runvc) when it comes to the current administration and we work our way into why he feels President Trump could cause some long term innovation problems for the startup ecosystem here in the U.S.

Finally, we get into some of his recent investments for Gelt VC such as Starsky Robotics, along with his hunt for Honey Badgers and startups that offer a product or service that fits his vision for the future.

The SeedStories podcast is produced for your enjoyment Beantown Media Ventures. You can listen to us on iTunes and SoundCloud, follow us on Twitter @beantownmv

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