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Looking for ways to grow your marketing strategy and further automate daily tasks? One simple tool to add to your arsenal if you don’t have one already is a weekly newsletter. In fact, for many startups, newsletters are one of the few early marketing tactics that pay immediate dividends.

Newsletters are a great way to distribute your content in a timely way to an interested audience while building key potential customer contact lists.

While there are many newsletter applications that make it easy to manage your newsletter content and subscriber list, MailChimp is one of the most advanced, especially for Wordpress users. Now with new features such as a single interface for managing multiple emails and workflows and advanced management of email send-times, the new mail chimp features open up new possibilities to growth marketers.

After tracking 92,000 customers and exploring what their users need, MailChimp is introducing automation:

  1. Pre-Built Workflows

    This feature consolidates sending automated emails into a system MailChimp calls workflows. Workflows create easy, user-friendly interfaces where you can segment out automated emails for specific purposes.

  1. Customizable Send Times

    Much like the Boomerang extension on Chrome, MailChimp will now offer the ability to schedule emails at a specific time or in-between specific times. This will be helpful for marketers to target when their readers are online most frequently. This means that content marketers can make sure their most important content is getting in front of the right eyes at the right times.

  1. Segmentation and Scale

    You can build your own segmentation system as your marketing needs change. Marketers can set their own automation rules by specifying trigger criteria. Marketers can take advantage of consumer location or purchasing history specific to their business when sending out newsletters.

  1. Aggregate Reporting

    The new features will allow users to track the performance of individual automation emails while looking at aggregate information on how campaigns are performing. This will be key for marketers to track how their newsletters are performing and get better information on the ROI of their strategies.

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