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Crowdfunding has become a popular method of raising funds for startups, small businesses, and creative individuals. Kickstarter, the largest online crowdfunding platform, has attracted innovative projects around the world. A handful of Kickstarter campaigns have gone viral, raising millions of dollars within a single day. From Pebble smartwatches raising over $20 million to Kawehi, a DIY musician who has raised over $24,000 for her upcoming collaborative EP, Interaktiv. Kickstarter’s platform caters to a diverse audience.

Despite the overflow of success stories, a successful campaign doesn’t come without its challenges. Keeping the following five tips in mind can help drive success for your own Kickstarter:

Research Research Research

Before even planning your Kickstarter, make sure to do your research. Research not only successful projects but also unsuccessful ones. These are the mistakes you can easily avoid. Study and learn what worked and what didn’t and why. Where and how can you improve your campaign based on past campaigns?

Develop a Strong Pitch

Your pitch will be the initial exposure potential supporters will have of your project, so make it engaging. Include images or even better, a video. First impressions are crucial and it may be your first and last chance to draw in supporters. Be clear and specific. What are your goals/objectives and how exactly will you achieve them? People want to know where their money is going, and providing a definite path will reassure supporters this project is worth it. And don’t forget to mention how this project may adhere to their interests. Give them a reason to support you.

Publicize your Kickstarter through various channels.

And even more importantly, start early. It’s never too late to start building a strong support base, starting with friends and family, and you can do so by utilizing the following:

Kickstarter Community

There is an enthusiastic group of people in the Kickstarter Community that can be a vital source of support. You can even consider co-marketing campaigns with other fellow Kickstarter projects that share similar values and target audiences. It’s a great way to build community while getting a little boost in support.

Blogger and PR Influencer Outreach

This is where a strong pitch comes in handy. Reaching out to bloggers and different media outlets is an essential part of gaining publicity among the general audience. Even cold emails can go a long way in effectively getting the word out to influencers on the web. Really put in the effort to be engaging and personal, and people are more likely to pay attention.

Social Media

Social media is key. If you have a fun video, you can share it through various social media outlets and achieve widespread awareness of your project. Use various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Start conversations and really use social media to engage supporters to understand and jump on board your project’s mission.


Early success is exciting, but don’t let the initial fire go out. Consistently keep supporters engaged and updated on progress, thank you notes, and reminders so you are not forgotten. You can even track your progress on Kicktraq simply with your Kickstarter URL.

Don’t panic if your trendline isn’t going all uphill. Projects usually hit their peak at the beginning and near the end of their campaign.


Kickstarters are everywhere and your project can easily be lost in the buzzing crowd of new ideas and projects. Create a clear and engaging path for people to find your campaign while being original and unique. Don’t be afraid to stray away from conventional promotional methods and keep an open mind to new ideas. In the end, you’re seeking help from people who share the same goals as you; so make it interesting. Have fun and be creative.

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