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The Window Shopping Effect: How Pinterest Drives Consumer Interest

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Qualities like these make Pinterest an ideal channel for startups and other Brands to share their products, solidify a brand aesthetic, and attract an audience of people who are willing to share their great finds with their social networks. Here are a few ways startup brands can take advantage of the Pinterest “window shopping” effect.

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Is Cash Going Extinct? 4 Things For Startups on M-Commerce

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With the recent release of Apple Pay, Pay with Rad Pad, and now Snapchat’s Snapcash, mobile pay is undeniably having a moment. But with Millennials increasingly opting to buy directly off their phones, this phenomenon is much more than a trend; mobile pay is becoming the norm, and mobile commerce (m-commerce) has a distinct leg-up on its e-commerce cousin. Here’s what startups need to know about appealing to Millennials on the mobile marketplace.

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4 Things Startups Can Learn from Political Campaigns

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It turns out political campaigns have more in common with startups than you might think. Back in August, Uber turned heads by hiring David Plouffe, the tech-savvy campaign manager behind Obama’s big win in 2008. Though many were baffled what the mobile cab company was doing getting into bed with a political strategist, there’s actually a lot high-growth startups can learn from political campaigns.

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