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Can Your Startup Break Into Walmart? Zach Sousa of Walmart at Hasbro Offers His Insights

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For many startups, landing a spot on the shelf at Walmart is nothing short of a dream. Getting your product and brand in front of millions of customers is powerful and often times transformative. We spoke to Zach Sousa of Walmart at Hasbro, whose job it is to help showcase products to the world on Walmart’s shelves, to get some of his insights and advice.

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Looking Forward: What Are Media and Tech Experts Predicting for 2015?

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Last week, we took a look at what experts predicted for 2014’s social media trends, and whether they ended up being correct or not. Now it’s time to take a look at what experts are foreseeing for the fast-approaching 2015. We scoured the web and came up with a condensed list of media and technology predictions from some of the top insiders in media and tech.

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Is Cash Going Extinct? 4 Things For Startups on M-Commerce

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With the recent release of Apple Pay, Pay with Rad Pad, and now Snapchat’s Snapcash, mobile pay is undeniably having a moment. But with Millennials increasingly opting to buy directly off their phones, this phenomenon is much more than a trend; mobile pay is becoming the norm, and mobile commerce (m-commerce) has a distinct leg-up on its e-commerce cousin. Here’s what startups need to know about appealing to Millennials on the mobile marketplace.

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